A new way to monetize your salon.

Lease your empty chairs daily to independent stylists & barbers who need them.

Tired of losing money on unused chairs and stations in your salon? List your salon or barbershop today to start leasing your available chairs daily to independent stylists & barbers who need them.


1. Add Your Salon or Barbershop

Every time you have an empty chair in your salon you’re losing money. We exist to change that. Start by submitting your salon/barbershop and listing your available chairs, adjust your day rate (this is up to you!), and complete the rest of the sign up form to be one of the first and featured salons or shops in your city when we launch.



 2. Get Discovered by Independent Stylists

Your listing will appear throughout Salonseat and will be searchable by stylists and barbers interested in booking your available chairs for the day. The availability will be based on your current hours of operation. When a stylist books a chair for a day, it will automatically be adjusted in our system so that it can’t be booked again by another!




3. Increase your earnings

Once discovered, you’ll be surprised how many amazing licensed barbers and stylists will start leasing your chairs. Salonseat takes a small processing fee every time a booking is made. Once a month, you will receive your payout from us.


Be one of the first salons in your city!


List Your Salon or Barbershop